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Guided meditation, instant trance, view past lives.

"Visions - Meditations for the Black Scrying Mirror"

What is Scrying?

Scrying Without Crying (An excellent article on Scrying)

Meditation CD
CD100 $16.95

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Scrying Mirrors

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Concave Scrying Mirror
8" Round 1/2" beveled glass
SM500 $25
Uses D400 Special acrylic stand.

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Black Obsidian Scrying Mirrors

4" Sq. w/adjustable stand $30

6" Square* $40

8" Square* $60

Call 972-296-5999 to order

* Uses D200 adjustable stand $5

Celtic Scrying Mirror 8" square
SM 100  $ 30.00

Uses Adjustable D200 stand.

This Celtic Scrying Mirror uses
an adjustable display stand.
(Stand sold seperately)
Click here for recomended stands.